Metro - John Hayes
"...APS has been nothing but professional, helpful and dependable; from the quotation process through following up on warranty issues. Their installers were flexible and efficient and, as a result, the retrofit caused no delays in our production. Now that the project is complete, APS answers our calls directly and promptly, and never refers us to the manufacturer for warranty matters.
I would recommend APS to any company that is looking to reduce their energy costs without sacrificing light quality or good customer service after the sale.
Bronda Manor - Barbara Martinez
"We are pleased to inform you the energy efficient upgrades you made to our lighting system through out the common areas und inside each apartment unit have been successfully installed and the residents are very pleased with the products...
...lf there any other energy saving products or programs that will help us sate energy and delight our residents; please don`t hesitate to contact us. I look forward to hearing from you soon. And please send our deepest appreciation to everyone at American Power Solutions for their hard work."
Brookdale - The Atrium - Raul Caballero
"l want to thank you for installing new fluorescent light fixtures at our property. The appearance and the quality of` the light fixtures you installed have pleased our tenants and me. The installation process was very smooth They worked non-stop to complete the necessary units before our tenants came back from their work or schools. The inside of our tenants‘ apartments were kept clean and untouched by the installer who were in there. The 2 year warranty on all fixtures and 1 year warranty on all lamps are more than what we need to assure us that we do not have to worry about these fixtures breaking down. Also the extended life with these lamps will save the money we spend on the buying new lamps. Thank you again for your excellent work! Don‘t hesitate to give us a call when you come across any programs that can be beneficial to us."
Laurel Tree - Virginia Berrelleze
"Thank you so much for installing these wonderful light fixtures at our property. It has been more than a month already and I haven’t heard one single complaint about the new fixtures. You and your staff definitely deserve applause for all the work you have done for us.
I have checked out inside of one of our resident’s apartments to review the new fixtures. The lights seem brighter and cleaner and most of all, the appearance of the fixtures really pleases my eyes. I have to say that our apartments look "upgraded." All of our tenants seem very pleased with the new fixtures as well.
Also, I want to praise the excellent customer service we received from your team. From scheduling the installation to the follow ups we received assured us that you will be there when we need you even after the installation.
Thank you again for your service. In the future, if you have any additional products that will help us save energy or upgrade our apartments, please call me immediately. I look forward to working with you again in the near future."
Northpoint Garden Apts - Rafael Ortega
"Thank you for providing us with these fabulous fluorescent light fixtures. We are very satisfied with the products and the services you and your company provided. I am delight to see so many satisfied tenants. Their rooms have become brighter and more adoring. My only concern is that I should have installed these energy saving light fixtures long time ago. I should have realized that not all the things that are free are of poor quality either. These fixtures have proven to be good quality products with good looks as well. We appreciate the cooperation you have shown us scheduling the installation. Our needs and requests were recognized and carried on with every step of the process. Your installers kept our residents’ inconvenience to a minimum. Once again, l want to thank you and everyone at American Power Solutions for the great work."
Shadowbrook Apts - Leticia Corona
SBC - Bob Marshall
Hilton Hotels - Reza Shemiran
Metro Furniture - John Hayes
Harbor Club - Mike De La Pena
Costa Verde Towers - Rene
Residence Inn - Joe Villarcorta
Burnham Real Estate - Amy Schraeder

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